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"The beautifully befuddling Stoney Spring... is music of the American West, wholly original in ways not unlike that of Captain Beefheart, Harry Partch or Shuggie Otis. You know, an instinctive originality, unhindered by cultural or aesthetic archetype, just blessed with some kind of really strong radar." 

- John Payne,

Stoney Spring performing "Ride That Wild Ass to Hell" at the Barnhouse in Highland Park, November 2015. Footage from the upcoming documentary, "Find the Potato: Stoney Spring In The Garden of Obscurity": click here

The new album is out! Sonic cosmonauts Stoney Spring return to Earth with the brand new long-player, Don't Let Me Die At Coco's. Check out some of the early reviews:

"Don't Let Me Die At Coco's... simply defies everyday descriptions. It's rare to find such well-established musicians daring to defy the norm, but with Stoney Spring, they've done just that, and the results are as creative as they are compelling."

-Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

"Stoney Spring...are tempting the gods again. Such idiosyncratic spontaneity hasn't been permitted since the days of Syd Barrett, Captain Beefheart and the Fugs. So Anthony Lacques and his I See Hawks in L.A. buddies better watch their door -- the Conformity Police are knocking."

-Greg Burk,

You can check out one of the new songs, Swimming Class, right here

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"Don't Let Me Die at Coco's is a delightful, eclectic and righteous effort by the musical crew called Stoney Spring.  California music for the twenty-first century.  Give it a spin."

-Ron Jacobs, Counterpunch

"The most recent album release from Stoney Spring exists in a dreamscape of experimentation.... an audio kaleidoscope, the colors become sound, the palette the diverse instrumentation found in the mind of Stoney Spring songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Anthony Lacques."         

-Danny McClosky, The Alternate Root

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Reviews for Stoney Spring's debut album, Right On Heliotrope! :

"Wholly original in ways not unlike that of Captain Beefheart, Harry Partch or Shuggie Otis. You know, an instinctive originality, unhindered by cultural or aesthetic archetype, just blessed with some kind of really strong radar...It's like hearing the truth, unvarnished, for the first time, and feeling shocked, like you're experiencing the taste of an apple after subsisting on PopTarts your whole previous life.

Anthony is... apparently a musician on a genuinely individual path -- a cranky and sardonic and stubbornly nostalgic path it is, too.

 What is happening here is the sound of a composer devising his own symmetry; in the structures of the songs, in the deceptively willy-nilly subject matter of the lyrics and their chill juxtapositions with instrumental timbres and chord progressions -- and really just the way he follows his muse.

Weary, cynical and sad, too...but which comes off bracing, exhilarating, even."

          - John Payne, LA Weekly/Bluefat critic

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"Anthony Lacques not only carves his own niche out as Stoney Spring, he also gives the genre a population to be proud of with the band's recent release...Listening to Right on Heliotrope!, you can hear all that was the best of psychedelic music, particularly in its ability to freely sample from styles and genres all to the benefit of the song.

Right on Heliotrope! uses every inch of the audio canvas for its songs. Real life tragedy strikes in "Class of '75" and the knot of loss that ties in your stomach is pulled even tighter with the tense rock structure of the arrangement. ...Stoney Spring is a true source for turning chaos into art."

- Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

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"At the intersection of freak-folk and horticulture resides a tidy little masterpiece of an album, Right on Heliotrope! by Stoney Spring... It's the kind of take-no-prisoners scathing social commentary that one is used to hearing in one of Kanye West's many rants, but not usually from an under-the-radar folk artist in this current musical climate... This is the only album to come along in a long time that smells as good as it sounds.

For those who still believe in the communal spirit of making and sharing music, and who enjoy expanding their mind and thinking about the world in unconventional ways, the music of Stoney Spring should forever find a home at the top of your stack of albums."

- Leks Maltby, Aside/Beside

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"Stoney Spring kick all the grimness out of dystopic anarchy with their roadhouse musicianship and fuck-it-all humor. Alex Chilton might've made an album like this if he'd lived longer and sang lower."

           - Greg Burk, LA Times rock critic

"The album's title track, about flowers and traffic and bees and more a poem than a song. And Stoney Spring is more a burst of emotion and creativity than a mere band."

- D.M. Collins, L.A. Record

"Stoney Spring understands the essentially desperate times we face. Yet, despair is not the essence of their music. Instead, one finds a joyful challenge to the ever expanding matrix. Political without the abrasiveness so often associated with that term, insightful without being preachy, and most importantly, enjoyable."

- Ron Jacobs, Counterpunch

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"The centerpiece is "Class of '75," a nostalgic reminiscence of teenage love and drug-induced tragedy. Indeed, the whole album suggests something of an after-school special for stoners of all ages."

- Richard Gehr, Relix

"Kortom dit avontuurlijke en wat bizarre experiment waarin bij momenten de geest van Captain Beefheart en Alex Chilton rond waart is eerder geschikt voor de wel erg ruimdenkende muziekliefhebber en dat wordt er met het bevreemdende afsluitende duo 'That's Not an Ice Cream Truck, That's God' en de weerbarstige titelsong 'Big' eens goed ingewreven."

- Cis van Looy, Keys and Chords

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"I Got a Map" live, from Stoney Spring CD release party, July 3, 2014

Preview and purchase the album, the eighth release from Western Seeds Records, at our CD Baby page. Also available through Amazon or iTunes. "Don't talk about food... Your culture is killing me." With that first shot across the bow, Stoney Spring's debut album, Right On Heliotrope!, announces a full-fledged assault on our "sleek, sexy, crumbling civilization," and all its ills: timidity, bland indie music, and the corrosive legacy of Steve Jobs.

About the band: Featuring the founding members of the acclaimed alt-country band, I SEE HAWKS IN LA, Stoney Spring still has one toe in American roots music, but songs like "Revenge Rock," "New Blood" and the gloriously rough-hewn psychedelia of  the title track, "Right on Heliotrope!" bring to mind some strange hybrid of Captain Beefheart and mid-'70s Neil Young. Other songs, like "Jobs," the catchy, piano-driven takedown of Steve Jobs; "Stick Shift," a dystopian guide to Los Angeles; or the high-energy, folky hedonism of "Pleasure Quest," defy categorization. Then there is "Class of '75," a tragic love story/drug fable that takes place in a high school homeroom.

The driving force behind Stoney Spring is Anthony Lacques, I See Hawks in LA's original drummer and one of their principal songwriters. Here, he's teamed up with the Hawks' lead singer Rob Waller, and guitarist Paul Lacques, to deliver another strange and wonderful band unto the universe. Anthony Lacques' surreal, acid-tongued lyrics, delivered in the soulful baritone of Rob Waller, float atop rock music that's infectiously melodic, even euphoric. The sound is rounded out by Paul's distinctive lap steel and Telecaster, and former Sly and the Family Stone's Jimi Hawes on bass. The album was produced by Marc Doten (Double Naught Spy Car, Stew/The Negro Problem) at Trend Coma Bootlegs in Echo Park, CA.


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